Enduring floral art! Pressed flowers with Doug Selph

The Garden Talk Salon

doug selphSpeechless about how to describe pressed floral art when involved in a heated discussion at the next cocktail party? Just watch this workshop by Doug Selph. You will soon be an expert!

Doug founded Southern Botanics a mere year ago and has set the interior designer world on fire with his magnificent command of pressed flowers.

Doug, a commercial real estate attorney, fell into this genre quite by accident. He returned from Colorado with some beautiful wildflowers pressed into a book and decided to frame and display them in his foyer… and at his next cocktail party, friends went gaga on the beauty of the creations.

At our recent Garden Talk Salon, Doug shared his secret sauce on how to memorialize your summer fun under glass by pressing a bouquet of flowers, or a single specimen.

Watch as he describes the process. We broke this into 3 short videos, so take note of Parts 1-3!

Pressed Floral Art: Part 1

Pressed Floral Art: Part 3

Pressed Floral Art: Part 3