Southern Botanics specializes in collecting, pressing, mounting and framing flowers, leaves and other plant materials in the style of botanical engravings and less formal interpretations. All of our items are original hand-crafted artworks. Please take a look through our portfolio of creations organized by subject matter galleries below (and via the “Galleries” button above).

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wedding frame

TYING THE KNOT? We specialize in pressing wedding flowers to make beautiful framed mementos of your special day! The final personalized artwork can include invitations, photos and any other wedding memorabilia and ephemera. Included in the basic price of $425 is framing in an 11″ x 14″ black or white box-style wood frame with glass.

Pressing flowers is a wonderful way to preserve the beauty of your special day, however, we need (at least) 2-3 weeks notice prior to the event in order to properly schedule the pressing.

Please contact us about a custom order at southernbotanics@gmail.com. Price stated above is for basic 11″ x 14″ black frame and we require a deposit of $212.50 payable with receipt of the bouquet. If customizations in size or complexity are requested, the final price may vary. If the final framed picture is to be shipped, there is an additional charge of $25 for shipping and handling (for 11′ x 14″ sized frame).

In addition to wedding flowers, we can also press and make collages using flowers from funerals/memorial services, proms, anniversaries, engagements and any other occasion that you may want to remember.

If you are in the metro Atlanta area, we can arrange for you to drop off the flowers to our studio in Brookhaven, Georgia. Instructions for shipping flowers to us if you are not from the Atlanta area:

  • We recommend that you trim the ends of the stems and put the flowers in water in your refrigerator (temp should not be below 45 degrees) until you can ship. When ready to ship, wrap stems in wet paper towels and then put the stems into a baggie and place a rubber band around them to hold in moisture.
  • Wrap the flowers gently and loosely in dry paper towels – don’t use plastic or anything that won’t allow the flowers to breathe.
  • Place bouquet, upright, in a box larger than the bouquet with wadded up paper towel all around the bouquet. A piece of cardboard cut to the size of the box with a hole in the middle for the flowers to rest on works well. This should be taped to the side of the box about half way down. Don’t use newspaper and DO NOT USE ANY FROZEN PACKS!
    1. Enclose Name, Address, Phone, and Email
    2. Ship Overnight Express (Post Office, Fed Ex or UPS)
    3. Do NOT require a signature
    4. If given the option, schedule for early morning delivery. (before heat of the day)
    5. Let us know that it is coming (email or phone) so we can plan to be there

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Southern Botanics specializes in collecting, pressing, mounting and framing flowers, leaves and other plant materials in the style of botanical engravings. Because flowers and plants are classic and timeless in their own right, our original hand-crafted artworks are equally at home in a cabin in the woods, an ocean-front cottage or an elegantly appointed town home.


retail partners

We are so appreciative of our wonderful retail partners who have been so helpful in the development of Southern Botanics and who allow us to showcase our artworks in their beautiful stores. Please support these local businesses and visit the retail partner nearest you to see a selection of our pressed botanicals and other creations.